About the TealBook ROI Calculator, Powered by Spend Matters

The TealBook ROI Calculator is a tool created by analysts at Spend Matters to help enterprises determine holistic and defensible estimates around the potential impact the procurement function can have on your organization’s bottom line, in order to help make the business case for data-led procurement.

Creating a winning business case is extremely challenging, but given that spend management and supplier management is a set of processes with massive ROI, it makes sense to address the single most cited barrier to digital transformation and supporting analytics in this critical area. To this end, Spend Matters helped TealBook develop a SIM improvement value opportunity assessment tool that strives to be the most holistic and realistic business case generator that can be utilized for no cost.

About Spend Matters

Spend Matters started as the first blog and social media site in the procurement and supply chain sector and has since grown into the leading source for data-backed technology and solutions intelligence.

Serving private and public sector organizations, consultants, private equity and services and solution providers, Spend Matters drives strategic technology purchasing decisions and superior marketing, product, sales and investment outcomes for clients.Spend Matters is the only tech-enabled, proprietary data platform with exclusive IP that serves the global procurement, finance, and supply chain technology ecosystem.  

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About TealBook

TealBook is the leading supplier data foundation that autonomously maintains supplier master data, powers e-procurement technology, drives supplier diversity, and enables supplier performance. Using AI and ML, TealBook gathers, predicts, and refines supplier data to build the world’s most comprehensive supplier intelligence.

When there are supply chain disruptions, companies leverage TealBook to identify emergency sourcing options; when it’s business as usual, they use TealBook’s technology to unleash full procurement possibilities. TealBook has been adopted by Fortune 100 companies and is the winner of many prestigious awards, including being named one of the Spend Matters 50 Vendors to Know in 2021, and part of the ProcureTech Top 100.

For more information, visit tealbook.com.