The Importance of a Supply Chain Data Audit

Help your company access and understand accurate data.

A supply chain data audit is a critical early consideration for any digitization effort. Sponsored by TealBook and Ivalua, the IADQGA offers guidelines to audit your supplier data so you can identify actionable insights.

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Why Is It Critical to Have a Data Audit?

Data is the lifeblood of all organizations. Having access to accurate, near-real or real-time data can make a huge difference for your organization, allowing you to make informed and insightful decisions that can grow your business and help avoid revenue loss.

A data audit allows you to determine the relevance, completeness, accuracy, veracity, timeliness, and velocity of your data, among other factors.

Read the Guidelines to Learn More

The guidelines, written by the International Association for Data Quality, Governance and Analytics offer more valuable and detailed insight into the steps of performing a successful supply chain data audit.

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About The International Association For Data Quality, Governance and Analytics (IADQGA)

The International Association For Data Quality, Governance and Analytics (IADQGA) exists to satisfy the data and statistical literacy needs of students, working professionals and senior executives worldwide.

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